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5 Budget Best Tile Saw With Detailed Buying Guide


For any professional in the construction industry, a tile saw is one of the few tools that can’t be ignored. As our expectation from modern and personalized houses is always evolving, having the best tile saw is getting more and more critical.

So, without further ado, let’s find out why and how these five tile saws are the best deals in the market.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Tile Saw

In this section, we will describe the top 5 best tile saws that come with unbeatable performance and quality.


If you are searching for the lightest wet tile saw to bring around your yard, then the DEWALT D24000S certainly deserves some keen attention. The tile cutter unit comes with a ten-inch long durable and sharp blade.

When it comes to the cutting capacity, the industrial quality wet tile saw can slice off 18×18 inches of tile easily. You can rip cut tiles 25 inches to 28 inches with a single pass with this saw.

For upholding a perfect alignment while cutting tiles, the DEWALT line is made of rigid aluminum frame and arm. Nonetheless, it’s entirely possible to cut in a 45-degree angle using the power of the integrated beveling.Best Tile Saw

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To enrich the cutting experience, the tile saw is built with a 1.5 HP motor that needs 120 AC volts to operate. The motor can generate enough energy to cut porcelain, ceramic, marble, or glass tiles.

Maintaining cleanliness in the tile saw workstation will be much more comfortable with the side and rear water extensions. Those extensions will drive back the water to the tub that collects used water.

Fortunately, the whole unit only weighs 69 lbs. So, transportation from the site to the site won’t be a big concern to worry about.

After having all of those extensive features, it also has storage options for extensions, a blade wrench, a hex wrench, and a complete miter guide.


  • 45-degree angle cutting support
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Water extension feature for cleaning
  • Low weight
  • Long-lasting 10-inch blade


  • MFG tolerance should be improved
  • Spring of the blade is a bit poor

SKIL 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw

Our second pick, the SKIL 3540-02 tabletop tile saw, is for the people who want to tackle home renovation on their own. The DIY tile saw is powered with a 4.2 Amp motor and requires only 120 AC voltages to operate.

We found it’s 7-inch blade a bit small as it’s was primarily made for DIY warriors. However, you can cut tiles from 0 to 45 degrees of angle.

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It is possible to cut up to 12×12 inches of tiles with the mini tile saw. Even while dealing with materials like stone or masonry, it can perform well with its powerful motor.

In the case of cross-cut jobs, its cutting capacity is 7.75 inches long. On the contrary, the maximum capacity of diagonal cuts is 7.25 inches. The stock blade is coated with diamond powder to boost up all types of operations.

Furthermore, the top of the tile saw is manufactured with stainless steel that resists corrosion. There is an attached water reservoir, which helps keep the blade cold and also keeps the dust and debris away.

The tile saw also includes an adjustable rip fence and miter gauge. A combination of these two allows you to cut tiles with professional-level accuracy.


  • Small blade
  • Cuts stone and masonry too
  • Adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Blade cooling feature
  • Diamond powder coated blade


  • Heavyweight for DIY
  • For moderate uses only

SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3550-02 Tile Saw

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SKIL 3550-02 is the upgraded version of the SKIL 3540-02 model. Therein, SKIL elevated the tile saw motor to 5 amps, although it can still be operated with 120 AC volts of current supply, which are common to households.

It has an adjustable 7-inch blade that is diamond powder coated. It can cut both wet and dry tiles. You will get the flexibility to slit tiles in 0-degree, 22.5-degree and also in typical 45 degrees.

The exclusive Hydra Lock System will hang on to the water just beside the blade. As a result, the blade will stay cool and require less clean-up time.

Unlike the earlier one, the tile cutting machine has an aluminum-made tabletop. So, neither you need to worry about rust nor durability. Impressive, huh?

It’s capable of holding up to 18×18 inches of tiles with the sliding side extension. Nonetheless, the cutting will be accurate every time with the support of an adjustable rip fence and miter gauge.

The complete unit has a dimension of 26x20x12 inches, and it weighs only 27 lbs. Hence, it can be stored in any small place and easily maneuvered.

In any sense, it is the most potent and the best tile saw for the money for DIY workers.


  • Split in 0, 22.5, and 45-degree angles
  • Aluminum made tabletop
  • Hydra Lock System
  • Greater Amp support
  • Can work with larger tiles


  • A little costly
  • No adjustable quick-release feature in the fence

Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile SawChicago Pneumotic Tile Saw

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The 2 in 1 industrial saw added with the best tile saw blade that can split both bricks and tiles. Its diamond power coated 10 inches of the blade can tear apart rigid pieces of stuff just like butter.

With the power of 2.5 HP, dual capacitor, and 15 amp motor, it can generate enough energy to handle big projects. Now, you don’t even need to worry about the motor health anymore. The thermal power will ensure its safety with 100% assurance.

To get versatile cutting support, the head of the tile saw lets you pivot the cutting results in both 22.5-degree and 45-degree. Also, you can change the blade position for different types of shapes of tiles and bricks. It enables you to cut off up to three and a half inches thick materials like stone, marble, granite, etc.

For ensuring a smooth gliding of tiles, there is a linear bar system attachment with this industrial tile saw. On the other hand, the saw frame is made of stainless steel that can tolerate inevitable harsh movements and corrosion.

The co-related water pump of the tile saw makes sure to cool down the blade while going through excessive operations. Concurrently, it can use 3 gallons of water per minute to avoid the overheating problems and to keep the ripped materials clean. There is also an ABS water tub to store the dirty water after cleaning.


  • Magnificent cool down system
  • Powerful motor with safety assurance
  • Cuts both bricks and tiles
  • Heavy-duty cutting support
  • Stainless steel frame


  • Quite heavy in weight
  • Needs some expertise to operate

QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw

QEP 22650Q Tile Saw

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And finally, here we are with our last recommendation on the list. The 650XT edition of QEP is entirely different from others due to the 3/4 HP motor. It powers the tile saw to automatically glide strong materials like ceramic, marble, slate, granite, and even porcelain through its 7-inch blade.

While operating with 120 volts, it can generate a rotational speed of 3600 RPM via the 4.8 amp motor. With the 16mm arbor support, the tile saw can be used for unlimited rip and diagonal cuts of tiles.

There is an extension table with 8 inches of diameter to uphold larger tiles while doing cutting operations. To get both 22.5 and 45 degrees of cutting angles, the implanted tilt-up table will play a quite supportive role.

It has an adjustable lock feature and tile rip guides to provide cuts with accuracy. Overall features will allow you to cut tiles between 1/4 to 1 inches of thickness.

The innovative and unique water baffle system enables minimizing water spray while reducing refill numbers. For ensuring easy portability, the manufacturer kept the tile saw at only 23 lbs. with a dimension of 20×15-3/4×9-7/8 inches.


  • Lightweight tile saw
  • Up to 1 inch of thick cutting ability
  • Powerful 3/4 HP motor
  • Operates on household electricity
  • Both 22.5 and 45-degree cutting angles


  • Design requires improvement
  • Need to keep it dry to avoid rust

Detailed Guide About Buying The Best Tile Saw

Maybe, you are a DIY lover or a full-stack professional. In both cases, the below instructions will help you to pick the wildest tile saw from the market.


The motor is the core of a tile saw that determines the rotational force or frequency of the blade and enhanced overall performances of other features. While taking a look into the motor specification, you have to consider max amperage, the requirement of voltage, Horsepower, etc.

For DIY projects, 15-amp is more than enough. We recommend you pick something that has a minimum of 2.5 HP and 120-volt operative support.


Well, the blade is the major concern when you want to buy a tile saw. Consider the blade size, depending on the type of projects you are going to hang out with. But at least, a 7-inch blade is essential for cutting tiles while consuming less time. Also, make sure to get a tile saw that can cut off of 1-inch thick tiles.

A blade that is manufactured with a diamond powder coat will also increase durability. Identify whether the one you are hovering on has 22.5 and 45 degrees of angle cut support or not.


Don’t let your ear listen to any shout out about a tile saw that is made of backdated frame quality. Our votes always go towards aluminum or stainless steel frames. The reason behind that is pretty specific. This type of frame can resist corrosion or harsh scratch for a long time.

Water System

In general, a water system helps to keep the blade doused in water to avoid overheating. When your cutting machine is operating for a long time, it’s crucial to make it cool down to ignore blade bending related problems.

Moreover, a water tub would be mandatory to drive the dirty water back after cleaning the blade from dust and debris.

Side Extension and Miter Guide

With a side extension, a tile saw can uphold large sizes of tiles in the correct position, even so, doing a consistent performance. Furthermore, a miter guide will determine the exact cutting measurements of the tiles. Therefore, make sure to pick a tile saw that has both of the features.


Here are some of the common question that we get all the time

Question: What is a wet tile saw?

Answer: A tile saw that comes with a water pump that allows the machine to keep the blade cool is a wet tile saw. Wet tile saws are essential when you are dealing with dense or hard tiles.

Question: What is a diamond powder coated blade?

Answer: Unlike regular tile saw blade, this type of blade has a diamond fixed on the edge of the body. It can tear apart concrete, bricks, stones, masonry while consuming less time and machinery effort. Besides, this type of tile saw blade can be untouched by rust and last for years.

Question: Can I cut granite with a tile saw?

Answer: Well, it depends on the one you have or going to purchase. Tile saws from manufacturers like QEP, SKIL, and DEWALT have the capacity to cut granite too. The above 5 tile saws we have discussed are the best of them.

Question: What is the best 120-volt tile saw?

Answer: The QEP 22650Q 650XT, SKIL 3550-02, SKIL 3540-02, and DEWALT D24000S are the best tile saw that can be operated with 120 AC volts.

Question: What is the perfect size of a tile saw blade?

Answer: We emphasize on at least having 7 inches of a tile saw blade as it is necessary for cutting tiles within less time. Remember, the size of the blade also effects on the limit of the tile rip cut and diagonal cut.


Just like always, we have given you the five best products in the market. The five in-depth reviews above regarding the best tile saw represented their impressive durability, incomparable built-in quality, and great performance. Most importantly, all of these are good for the money.

We tried our best. We hope you will be benefited.

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