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Best Miter Saw Stand in 2020

Your garage is not complete without the best miter saw stand. And, learning it the hard way can be a disaster for some projects. So before you realize that you have ruined your work just for missing a few centimeters, read this review thoroughly and get the best stand out here.

We are recommending three top-notch products here. However, if you don’t like them, you can always scroll down to our buying guide and have some tips on how to find the best saw stand.

Our Picks for the Best Miter Saw Stand

 Here are the three products that are currently leading the discussed market segment.

Tough built TB-S600 10′ Gravity Miter Saw Stand

The TB-S600 has all the features that any other saw stand should have. The only difference is that it outperforms almost in everything. And we are gonna show you how. However, the drawbacks of this machine will also be mentioned in the review.

Best Miter Saw Stand

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Yes, it is foldable, and the wheel design makes it easily portable. There is a foot lock to fix the folded and unfolded position in place. The 2.4-inch boxed tube structure gives the stand a low weight while maintaining a tough reputation. Hence, it weighs just over 60 pounds.

It has two positions when opened. In the lower position, it will have a dimension of 57.6” x 28.15” x 34.84,” and in the higher position it will have a dimension of 124.02” x 28.15” x 38.07”. Moreover, you can comfortably fold that into a 5 feet long cart, which can also carry your saw.

Speaking of carts, it has an 8.8” wheel made with solid rubber. This wheel and the other two legs of the stand prevent it from wobbling so that you can have a comfortable sawing. The clams will lock everything in place.

In previous Tough Build products, we have seen a tendency of clamps to loosen over time. So that is a big drawback.

Other than this, there are several other perks to have this stand. There is a spare parts tray. You will also have 10-inch work support along with the 10 feet material support extension. It also features quick-release tool mounts that allow saw to be used off the stands.


  • Very sturdy
  • 10” work support
  • 800-pound capacity
  • 10 feet of material support
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Three outlets


  • Paint rubs off after some time
  • No leg adjustments

Makita WST05 Miter Saw Stand

Manufactures made it best for the money. This is a kind of tool that every DIY warrior would like to see in his garage.

The main three materials of this tool were aluminum, steel, and plastic. Like all other effective stands, it also has two extendable arms. But it also features an aluminum roller on one and a flat top on the other.

Makita WST05 Miter Saw Stand

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Without an extension, the base is 108 centimeters, and with the extension, it is about 258 centimeters. But like every other good carpenter, you can comfortably place longer materials on this stand. Moreover, you can adjust everything with easy brackets.

However, the base will wobble a little. So you need to press down and adjust the height accordingly.

The right-hand side of the base has two wing nuts that adjust the panel behind the top plate, which acts as a stop block. Nevertheless, never take this plate as a permanent measurement as it can wobble and can create millimeters of difference.

There is a wheel for easy portability. Although, I would have been a lot happier if it was entirely made of rubber. Plastic is not the best material for wheels.

To mount the saw, you just need to place the saw on the base aligning it with the baseline and flip the black lever on the left-hand side. Yes, it’s that easy that I can finish writing the process in one line.

A 13-millimeter half-inch socket wrench, which is conveniently placed in the bod of the stand. You will also have bolts in the package. The mounting brackets have rubber underneath them so that you can easily place that firmly on any other surface. Furthermore, the legs are highly adjustable here.


  • Adjustable legs
  • Long base
  • Good mounting base
  • All the tools come with the stand
  • Heavy-duty


  • The extended arm wobbles a little bit
  • Not the best design

POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand

This is another marvel from Powertec. Manufacturers of this product tried to keep the least cost while maintaining the quality they are reputed for. And thus you have one of the best miter saw stand.

POWERTEC MT4000 Deluxe Miter Saw Stand

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The MT4000 will accommodate 10” to 12” miter saws. When it is retracted, it will measure up to 46 inches, and when it is extended, it will be a little over 79 inches. And all of this comes in a steel stubbing construction on four locking steel construction.

Although its net weights are just about 40 lbs, it has a capacity to hold nearly 330 lbs. Miter saws, as well as any other version of tabletop saws, will be compatible with this table. And just about everything in this table is adjustable. That also includes the legs, which are a big plus for any tool table.

But the part we liked most was the outlets. It has three 125V AC outlets, which has an input amperage of 15 Amps.

For any tool table, wheels are one of the most important things. And this table has a nice set of wheels for itself. They are 8-inch rubber wheels that have great friction to any kind of surface, giving you the best stability for sawing. There are also 11.5” rollers that make handling the wood very easy.

The locks are amazing here. They keep the wobbling to a minimum. However, it is not yet perfect.


  • Minimum wobbling
  • Steel tubing construction
  • High-quality wheels
  • Three outlet strip
  • Steel rollers
  • Sturdy


  • Not the best design
  • Not good for wide materials

How to Get the Best Miter Saw Stand

It is not entirely uncommon for our readers to disagree with us. If may or may not like the products for various reasons such as price and customer service of the brand. That’s why we have prepared a buying guide here so that you can find your best match in the market.


If a carpenter asks one thing to a saw stand, it will be sturdiness. Because that is the whole point of buying a table in the first place

However, a stand will not be 100% when it comes to firmness. You just have to make sure that it has the best value for your money. To do that, make sure that the legs are adjustable. You also want the clamps and locks to be tighter. If the adjustable parts are square, there is a high chance of it being wobbling. So go for a circular one.


If you are a professional, portability could be our biggest concern. That’s why you need a stand, which is light and has wheels. It should also be easily foldable. And wheels, as well as handles, are always a big help.


Not every stand has wheels. So if yours has a set then it should be of rubber. 100% rugged rubber ensures the best traction and durability. It also facilitates the firmness of the table. The width of the wheels should also be larger to prevent the table tilting of as it has a higher center of gravity.


You are getting a table for your saw. There is no point in purchasing a table that will not go with your saw. So double-check the measurements of your table and saw. Nevertheless, you should prefer buying the table from the same company you bought the saw.


Capacity is a part of compatibility. Your table should be able to bear the weight of your miter saw plus the wood you are going to cut. This is the basic equation. However, don’t take one that has a capacity below 300lbs.

Heavy-duty construction

Stainless steel is always the best option for a sturdy construction. However, that also drives up the price. So, aluminum and plastic can also be used in necessary places.


No matter what the retracted size of the arms is, the extracted size should be at least 5 feet. The larger, the better. We prefer a length of 10 feet. Rollers in one of the arms are highly cherished. The stop plate is also helpful when cutting boards of wood.

Electrical outlets

This is the special feature stand makers adding to their creation nowadays. Make sure that the volt requirements are compatible with your outlets.


You will need tools to assemble the stand. Make sure you don’t have to buy those tools. Because that will be an unnecessary expenditure that a lot of other products don’t have.


That was about everything you need to know to find the best miter saw stand in the market. You may have your personal preferences. But that won’t be much different than what we had recommended here.

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