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Top 3 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Review And Complete Buying Guide 2020

Attaining precision while you cut through logs for your DIY project is something you can’t compromise with. Using a regular miter saw for angular cuts may help you slice straight through the wood, but the tilted cuts won’t be of any use.

Choosing a sliding miter saw for such works can make a huge difference in the output. It’s a must-have tool for the professional tool guys and for even DIY enthusiasts, as well. To help you out in finding the best sliding compound miter saw, we have listed down 3 of the most functional devices.

Keep reading till the end to find out the one you need!

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What Is Compound Miter Saw 

A compound miter saw is a special type of saw that simply cuts more than just angles. These saws come with an arm that makes the blade to be tilted to either side and provide a bevel cut.

As the blade comes with a tilted angle and it can cut two different angles at the same time, the machine is, and therefore, also known as a compound saw.

Benefited Of a Compound Miter Saw

There are a number of benefits you can get from a sliding compound miter saw. Here are some for your consideration.

High precision

The most common benefit you get is the precision in cutting the log. You can angle, tilt, and position the blade at the right place that you need for the precise cut you want. This is not possible with a standard cutting saw.

Sliding Capacity

For a sliding miter saw, it’s easy for the blade to move forward and backward and achieve a greater cutting length – more than the diameter measurement of the blade.

Cutting Deeper With Less Effort

Coming with a comfortable handle, you can easily put a minimum effort to cut the log deep enough. Just pull the handle down, and it goes straight through the logs like a hot knife in the butter.

1.    DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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When you talk about power tools, it’s tough not to mention Dewalt. They have been producing top-quality sliding miter saws for decades that every tool man absolutely loves.

The DWS779 is yet another signature power tool from the house of Dewalt with a state-of-the-art functional design. Its razor-sharp 12-inch blade can cut through timber as thick as 6.75 inches. That’s more than half of a foot in depth.

To make the cut smoother, like a knife in the butter, the DWS779 has a powerful motor inside. It allows the blade to rotate at an impressive 3800 RPM rate. Being a slider saw, you don’t need to push the blades through the wood; it will melt the timber in seconds.

The only thing you may worry about while working with a miter saw is that it gets all dusty. But having the DWS779 in your garage means less mess than you expect. It comes with an efficient dust collection system that can collect about two-third of the dust generated while you work.

Try this one if you’re just about to start using a miter saw. It’s totally newbie-friendly.


  • Razor-sharp, 12-inch blade, can cut through hardwood
  • Maximum cutting depth is 6.75 inches
  • Cuts at different angles
  • Smart dust collection system ensures the least mess possible
  • Maximum rotation for the blade is 3800 RPM


  • Difficult to move because it is quite heavy

2.   Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

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Up next, we have the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw on our list. This single-bevel compound saw is definitely one of the best if portability is the prime concern.

That’s because this 24-pound machine can be easily carried and shifted with less physical effort spent. This is quite tough for most of the mainstream devices we generally find in the market. Being a single bevel miter saw, the machine tilts from 0 to 45-degree angle towards the left side with absolute precision.

Angling the blade in a different direction is as smooth as it could get. Try the measurement from 0 to 52 degrees of miter angles to get the perfect cut on the timber. Simply slide out the blade and make a quick cut in seconds.

The C10FCG comes with a surprisingly powerful motor inside. This 15 Amp motor can generate a staggering rotation of 5000 RPM at max. That’s going to add a lot of pressure on the wood to let you have the perfect slice ever!

Making a dusty mess isn’t fun. That’s why the machine comes with a dust collector attachment that takes care of most of the dust produced during the cutting process.

If you’re frequently working with heavy logs, this one may suit you the best. Given that the RPM reaches 5000, it’s totally going to be of great use for you.


  • Highly powerful 15 Amp motor
  • Top rotation of the blade can reach 5000 RP
  • Lightweight tool can be easily transported
  • Comes with a dust collector attachment
  • Large table for optimum material support


  • Single bevel design tilts towards only one side

3.   Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD

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Looking for the perfect cut with unparalleled precision? Own the Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD now! Its patented Axial-Glide system allows you to cut wider cross-cuts with precise alignment.

It saves a lot of space for its compact and sleek design. You get to save more than 12 inches of space on the cutting table, getting the exact service that a functional sliding miter saw provides.

The GCM12SD saw comes with a 14-inch expanded horizontal slicing, coupled with a six and a half-inch vertical cutting. Also, you get a six and a half-inch crown cutting capacity with a 45-degree spring angle.

Holding the handle of a miter saw means fatigue for some users. That’s because of the faulty design and uncomfortable grip that the machine-handle comes with. But not in the case of the Bosch GCM12SD.

It has a soft-grip trigger that lets you hold on to the handle with excellent comfort. Bring it down and slide it open – the grip ensures maximum comfort and safety for your hands.

In the case of collecting waste dust, the GCM12SD makes the best move in the miter tool industry. The device can collect almost 90 percent of the total dust produced while you slice through timbers. So expect anything but dust to bother you with when you have the GCM12SD in your hands.

Try this if your prime target is accuracy and precision. Its patented gliding system makes sure you don’t miss out on any angle you want.


  • Comes with patented Axial-Glide system for a precise cut
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable operation
  • Waste dust collector collects 90 percent dust
  • Saves space with a compact design
  • Square lock quick release system for secured locking


  • It doesn’t come with any shadow-line for cutting

Consider When Buying A Compound Miter Saw

So, you are going to get a compound miter saw, right? But before you hop in for the final decision, here are some pro tips for you. Make sure you follow these tips before you spend your bucks on a saw.

Consider The Blade Size

The major part of a miter saw is the blade. It’s like the core of the entire machine. The more powerful the blade, the easier it is to have the perfect cut you desire. For most of the products in the market, the blade size may be 10-inches or 12-inches.

But the actual range can vary from 7-1/4 inches to 12 inches max. Depending on what project you are planning on, you need to choose the blade type. The rule of thumb here is that the larger diameter the blade comes with, the thicker it cuts through.

An average user will be satisfied with a 10-inch blade, for sure. Any DIY task or sudden repair may not demand more than that. But a professional tool guy would be longing for a 12-inch masterpiece.

With a higher diameter of the blade, you may cut through as deep as 7 inches of a wood log. But this depends on how wide you can open the blade, too. If the blade can’t be raised much, there’s no chance you can dig deeper than 6 inches.

The precision depends on the tooth-count, as well. The more the tooth, the better cut you can expect. Usually, 12-inch blades do come with the maxim tooth-count that ensures a proper cut every single time.

Sliding Rails

If you think the blade diameter is the only thing you need for a deep cut, you don’t have any idea about how sliding rails work. When you’re going for a miter slider saw, it comes with a slider in front of the fence.

The blade slides forward and backward through the slider and allows the blade to cut through more than it can originally do. Many top-class slider saws can go for a 16-inch long cut with its 12-inch diameter blade.

That’s not all; a blade with a 7-1/4 inches diameter can slice through 2X8 with a proper smooth railing system. That’s the reason a buttery-smooth railing system is important. As you’re going for a miter slider saw, check if the slider works perfectly.

Motor Power

All the charisma of the blade depends on how powerful the motor inside the machine is. You can’t expect the blade to perform at its best if you’re running it with a 5 Amp motor that allows the blade a highest of 1000 RPM, right?

What you will be looking for is a machine that is powered by at least a 15-Amp motor that can turn the blade at a minimum of 3500 RPM. Above this level, it’s up to you how strong you want the machine to perform.

Dust Collection

Trust us, cutting through timber, especially if you are working for a whole day, is going to get messy. You need to expect a huge amount of wood dust that sprints out of the timber that goes under the saw blade.

It’s clearly up to you how you would want to clean up the mess unless the machine itself comes with a dust collecting attachment. There are several top brands in the market that come with such products with dust collecting attachment.

Depending on the model you are considering, the collectors can collect around 75% to 90% of dust produced quite efficiently and without a mess. Make sure you are bidding for the most efficient one to save you from additional clean-up headaches.

Clearly Marked Scale

What makes a miter sliding saw any different than other typical ones? It’s the precision in the measurement that you get. Such devices come with clearly marked measurements to find the right angle you need.

But it’s not that all the saw machines you get would have perfectly drawn measuring marks. You need to pay extra attention to it. Make sure the marking is as precise as it can get.

Solid Fencing

Fencing makes sure that the log you’re trying cut through is well placed and doesn’t slip. Proper fencing is quite crucial for accurate cutting. Imagine the log trembles while the blade is slicing through it – nothing could get messier, can it?


Size, Weight, and Portability

Lastly, if it is possible, try to make a move towards a lighter device. It’s obvious that the machine would need frequent movement here and there. It’s not that you’re going to fix it in your back garage and keep it there forever.

If you’re going to use a heavy device, it will be a tough time for you to move it outside the workstation. So, it’s better to switch to a lighter one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a slider compound saw cut a straight cut?

Ans. Yes. If you set the cutting measurement at 90-degrees, the machine will provide a straight cut in the wood.

Q2. Should you push the blade or pull?

Ans. Sliding miter saws are designed in such a way that you need to push the blade through the wood for an accurate cut.

Q3. Is there a difference between the table saw and miter saw?

Ans. Yes. A table saw can only cut straight, while a miter saw can cut both at a straight and angular position. 


Now that you’ve got a clear idea of what could be the best sliding compound miter saw from our reviews, it’s time you made your move. Remember, have zero-tolerance when you choose the blade size, slider functionality, and especially the motor power. Choosing the most useful one shouldn’t be that difficult if you can follow the buying guide we have put here. Keep that in mind and find out the best-suited one for your next project!